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August 11, 2005

While visiting St. Martin, we decided to take a ride to Saba.  And by ride, I mean boat.

Saba is an island that is mainly comprised of a volcano named Mount Scenery.  Quite the appropriate name.

You can take a taxi to the halfway point up the mountain, but it is up to you to hike the remaining 1500 or so feet to the top which is at 2910 feet above sea level. If the clouds clear when you are there, it offers stunning views of the rest of the island.

The photos in the gallery are taken along the hike up.  Take plenty of water, and make sure that you have clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, including your shoes!   Since the top is almost always in cloud cover, the vegetation is lush, and the path can be muddy in some areas.

Some where near the top of the trail is a split, one direction will take you around by the radio tower and the other direction will take you to a concrete marker.  We wen the direction of the marker, but in order to get there you have to do a small bit of climbing over and through some boulders. This is where the mud is 🙂