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Louis Vuitton and Supreme pop up

July 16, 2017
photo credit Jake Lewis

You wanna do what?

It’s 1:00 AM, suddenly there is knock on the hotel door. My son wants to go to the “not yet announced location” in London to get in line for the LV-Supreme popup store.  I finally convince him to go back to bed and we would get up at 5am and take a ride down.

You see, this is vacation and we are in London, this is the time for rest and relaxation, not standing in line for some premo spot like it was 1978 and I was waiting for concert tickets…jeesz son, get some sleep.  So we truck it down there at 5:30 and the place is nearly empty, then within 45 minutes there are 500 people all crowding around to find out where they are on the list of names.  After several hours of standing in line, the doors open at 10am and I start the math.  Figure they let 8 people (just a guess) at a time in every 20+ minutes, there are probably 250 people in front of us,

that is…OMG sooo many more hours of waiting.  We bail!

Just before we left, Patrick and Jake (reporters for Vice) stopped and chatted with us, later we find out they posted our conversation on their feature story.  Link to the article is here.

After the fact we find that there was a very limited number of the “box logo’ed” shirts and we would not have gotten one, so it was a wise decision.  We let a day or so pass and went back on day 3 and picked up a few items. Everyone is happy and we didn’t kill the whole day waiting in line.

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