Ubuntu and network names

October 29, 2017

Wait, where did wlan0 go?   Well, it got tossed out in favor of predictable network names, which you can read all the details here.

In short, due to the way the system boots up and drivers probe for hardware, there is some amount of uncertainty that the same network interface will be assigned a predictable name.  In other words, when you configure a box with wlan0, it might be assigned wlan1 upon next reboot.  When you have a system behind a firewall, this could cause the system to be unresponsive to the network traffic.

For my particular use case, it doesn’t really matter much to me if the names change as my laptop is not serving traffic and I manage everything that it does. There are a couple of ways to disable this new “feature”, I opted to add the following to the kernel line in grub.   net.ifnames=0

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